What is Servant Leadership?

Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate others to...

Posted - May 17, 2023


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Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate others to take actions towards a common goal. A good leader is able to convince others through clearly communicating the desired goal, personally taking initial action towards the goal, and by empathizing with the state of his or her would be followers or followers. In a battle, a good leader is at the battle front, leading the charge against the enemy.

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior demonstrated all the attributes of a good leader. Even though he is part of the triune sovereign godhead, he humbled himself by taking on human flesh and even up to the point of laying down his life by dying a horrible death of crucifixion on a cross in order to redeem fallen humanity from the eternal grip of death and a separation from God. 

At his last supper with his disciples just before he was to be betrayed by Judas, one of his disciples, Jesus demonstrated to his disciples the ultimate example of servant leadership. He turned the worldly concept of leading from the top upside down by washing the feet of his disciples and asking them to do likewise for each other as he has done. He was self aware of who he was, the Son of God, yet he girded up his garment to do a chore typically reserved for the least of us, perhaps the house servant.

As a true servant-leader, I must be humble.  I must not consider myself above any menial tasks that I expect others to do. I must lead by example from the front and not from the rear. Constantly, I must put myself in the shoes of those I am leading, being sympathetic to their hardships and failings. 

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