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Never send money or share financial information with anyone you...

Posted - February 24, 2021


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  1. Never send money or share financial information with anyone you meet on this dating site
  2. Protect your personal information from people you do not know.  Never share personal information e.g. social security number home and work address and details of your daily routine.
  3. Stay on this dating platform  –  keep all conversations on NWA platform while you are getting to know someone. Users with bad and or ulterior motives often try to move the conversation to private text; phone or email etc

When Meeting in Person

  1. Do not rush to meet in person.  Take your time to get to know the other person before agreeing to meet.  Ask questions to screen for any red flags as personal deal breakers.  A video call can be a useful screening tool
  2. Meet in public and stay in public
  3. Notify your family and friends about your dating plans
  4. Take your own transportation to dates.  do not share transportation with the date you met online until you are  comfortable with this person
  5. It is okay to end your date early if you do not feel comfortable

When on a date:

You need to be comfortable in your own skin – so be yourself

  1. Have realistic expectations.  View others as you would like others to view you
  2. Be respectful and nice
  3. Avoid controversial topics of conversation
  4. Meet in public places
  5. Drive yourself to dates or take a Taxi/Uber
  6. Do not consume anything that will impair your judgment
  7. Tell family members/friends of your plans
  8. Have your cell phone with you at all times
  9. Suspicious and Offensive Behavior

Report all suspicious and offensive behavior such as:

  1. Requests for money and or donations
  2. Underage users
  3. Threats and or offensive messages and fraudulent profiles.
  4. Be wary of people who would not meet in person or talk on a video call.  They may not be who they claim they are.
  5. Report to us any suspicious activity

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